What We Do

A Modern Workspace for Mobile Professionals

Our flagship customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter van, Octo One, features all the amenities of a modern workspace plus luxury seating and furnishings.

• Take Octo from the Airport

The Octo One is a seamless transportation option for executives and business travelers, allowing you to get to work the moment you step off the plane.

• Get to that Conference in an Octo

From regional and national trade conferences to sales trips and new store openings, the Octo One is the perfect base of operations for you and your team.

• Packed Schedule? Book an Octo

You have meetings all over the city.  The Octo One mobile workspace gets you from downtown to midtown and helps you stay connected along the way.

• Use Octo to travel between cities

Your office is in NYC, but the client’s office is in Boston. Octo is faster than the bus and more comfortable than the plane – get to your meeting feeling refreshed and prepared.



As the world grows more connected, as the speed of business quickens, modern professionals face a host of new challenges. Helping you meet these challenges is the gas in our tank. Octo is a service for professionals, by professionals. Like you, we’re on the job 24/7, and like you, we hold ourselves to the highest standard.


The economy moves fast. So should you. More and more work is being done away from the desk, out of the office, requiring additional travel. Our luxurious mobile office gives you the ability to stay productive while on the road. Octo makes business travel easy and efficient.


At Octo we know that business changes quickly, and that new ideas and new technologies have only increased the speed of change. We are dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of our users, and to using the most advanced technology to provide you with the best experience possible.



Our secure onboard wifi lets you keep in contact via email and receive updates via smartphone. Built-in video conferencing technology lets you take face-to-face meetings while you’re on the road.


Our leather captain seats have retractable desks and can swivel to facilitate collaboration.


Our mobile workspace utilizes secure connections, is fitted with privacy screens on the exterior windows, and is operated by a team committed to confidentiality.


From adjustible leather captain seats to high-end furnishings to our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van itself, Octo offers an unparalleled level of luxury.


Our drivers are fully licensed and extensively trained, with an exemplary safety record.


With amenities including a fridge, coffee machine, snack bar, and most importantly a bathroom, riding in an Octo is the most comfortable you’ll be outside of your own office.